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At the start of this scene, Montse, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from Spain, is sitting on her sun porch. It's not very sunny out, but who cares when your eyes are on a sexy, voluptuous brunette who's wearing just her bra and panties? She's not wearing them for long. She gets her tits, ass and pussy out, then she fucks her pussy with one of her favorite toys. Montse looks so happy. She is happy! She's cumming! So get happy with Montse. Montse lives in Madrid. She was once a Zumba coach. She enjoys traveling, boxing, dancing, going to the movies and long walks. The panties she's wearing at the start of this scene are the kind she normally wears. Nothing outrageous. Just simply sexy, what you'd expect a hot mom to wear. She told us her perfect day would be "to go to the gym, take a run on the beach, lunch in a good restaurant, watch a great movie and then go dancing to Latin music with my friends." And then? "Sex!"
When this scene opens, 41-year-old Julia North is waking up. That might sound boring, but sexy Mrs. North is wearing a little satin nightgown that doesn't cover her ass, and as she stirs, she starts touching her pussy and tits. That is definitely not boring. Then she goes to the shower, where she gets wet and soapy and uses her fingers and a hand-held shower head on her pretty cunt. And then (because what MILF doesn't keep a dildo with a suction cup in her shower?), she attaches her dildo to the glass shower wall and fucks herself. Then she detaches the dildo from the wall and fucks her ass with it. Julia is from Ukraine. She's married and is a mother of two. She enjoys swimming and dancing, she wears sexy clothes when she goes out, and she's into anal sex. But when you watch this video, you'll see for yourself.
"I started going swinging," Francesca, a 49-year-old divorcee, said when our photographer asked why she started modeling nude. Francesca is from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. She'll be 50 in June, and she's a mother of two daughters, both of whom know she's here, doing this. One of her daughters is okay with it. The other isn't. HomeAloneMILFs: What kind of guys do you like? Francesca: Ones who treat a lady with respect. HomeAloneMILFs: How do you dress when you go out? Francesca: Sexy, tight jeans or a smart, short skirt and a white blouse. HomeAloneMILFs: What was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Francesca: It was my first night of dogging on a common. I was with a lovely young guy. We had sex in his car. Don't know what dogging is? Francesca tells you all about it in the video.
Stacy, a wife and mother of three from England, says she's a little bit nervous. That's no surprise. She's never done anything like this in her 54 years on the planet. When our photographer asks her what her family and friends would say if they saw her here, doing this, she said, "They'd be quite shocked. I'm quite a shy person, actually." And yet, here she is, showing off her sexy body for all the world to see. Playing with her pussy, too. But she is a swinger. "I've been swinging for about a year," she said. And she is a nudist. "I became a nudist in France," she said. So maybe it's not so shocking. Stacy's favorite TV show: Game of Thrones. Favorite sport: tennis. How does a man attract her attention? "He has to be good in bed." Hmmm...doesn't he already have her attention by then?