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Born in Austria, now living in Missouri, beautiful Selah Rain, a mom and occasional porn star, makes her debut, and she has something to tell you. "I'm 45 years old," Selah said. "That's the first time I've ever revealed my real age." Her birthday is December 2, and just in case you're wondering (because we've seen her age listed as younger), we have her IDs. Today, Selah is going to show off her big tits and voluptuous body. She's going to fuck her pussy with a toy. "I am addicted to cock," Selah said. "I love the pussy, too, but I love having a big, juicy cock in front of me. It's invigorating." Selah is engaged to be married. She enjoys writing poetry, running and attending to her 18-acre ranch. She's writing a book. Sexual fantasies: "I've fulfilled all but two. I'd like to fuck Drake and Denzel Washington." How often she has sex: "At least once a day, minimum. It's a must for me." Kinkiest sexual encounter: "In the courthouse bathroom with a stranger when I went to pay a traffic ticket." Hmmm...if she'd fucked the cop, she wouldn't have had to worry about that ticket in the first place.
Meet Mya Evans, a beautiful, sexy, 54-year-old wife and grandmother. Mya is unusual in that she comes from Ukraine, a country that hasn't given us a lot of MILFs. But she lives in the Czech Republic, a country that has given us a lot of MILFs and is known for its horny women who love to fuck on-camera. Here, in her first appearance, Mya fingers her pussy and fucks her asshole with a toy. It's a prelude to her upcoming anal scene, in which her mouth, pussy and ass will get filled by a guy who's half her age. HomeAloneMILFs: How do you dress when you're going out? Mya: I love to wear mini-skirts and short shorts. HomeAloneMILFs: How can a man attract your attention? Mya: With noble deeds and a respectful attitude toward women. HomeAloneMILFs: What kind of dates do you like to go on? Mya: I love going for long drives in the mountains. HomeAloneMILFs: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here? Mya: No. My friends know I'm doing this.
Kinky Katarina, a 58-year-old divorcee from Manchester, England, returns to use her fingers and a toy to get off. When she spreads her ass to reveal her tight butthole, we're sure she'll get you off. HomeAloneMILFs: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here? Katarina: Yes! They'd be shocked. HomeAloneMILFs: How did you come to our attention? Katarina: One of my cam followers told me about you. I'm glad he did. I'm having a wonderful time. HomeAloneMILFs: What satisfies you best sexually? Katarina: Hardcore fucking. HomeAloneMILFs: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Katarina: Both. When I'm wild, I take over. HomeAloneMILFs: Are you into anal sex? Katarina: Yes, and you're going to find out how much I love it!
"I'm really horny today and this outfit is not helping me," 45-year-old first-timer Karla says. She's definitely dressed for sex in a bra that shows off her big tits and sheer panties that show off her big, shapely ass. And about that outfit not helping's definitely helping us with our hard-ons. Karla, who calls herself Karla Insatiable, is one hot MILF piece of ass. By the way, if you have any doubt about how horny Karla is, listen to the squish-squish noises when she's got two fingers stuffed inside her cunt. Karla squirts a bit, too, or is that just her pussy juices? Is there a difference? Karla is from Cali, Colombia and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She's 5'7", weighs 138 pounds and has DD-cup tits. She's married and in an open relationship, meaning both are free to fuck whomever they want. If Karla were our wife, we'd only want to fuck her. And maybe we'd invite her friends to join in. Yes, she's a mom. She has worked as a purchasing manager, a store manager, a dental assistant and in admissions at a school. Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here? "The people who really know me, no," Karla said. "Some would be surprised, but my family and closest friends already know." For some reason, your editor just loves that.