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"I love feeling someone's eyes on me. It's exhilarating," said Marvellee, a 46-year-old mother of three who's going to have a lot of eyes on her as she makes her debut. Today, this super-horny divorcee is going to show off her hot little body and perfect pussy, and later this week, she's going to take that a few steps further by sucking and fucking cock. "I started almost two years ago as a cam model doing solo shows and solo videos," Marvellee said. "Then in February, I started making videos with other people. I had been alone and I was not getting laid. I went 11 months out of last year without having sex. It sucked! So getting into porn was a way for me to get laid. It's a great way to get laid and it's the best job in the world!" Marvellee was born in Virginia and lives in North Carolina, where she enjoys photography, videography, playing pool ("I'm really good!"), painting, sculpting, watching porn and playing with her pets. By the way, she's not hiding this (getting naked and having sex on-camera) from anyone she knows. "Everyone in my town knows exactly what I do," she said. "When I started as a cam model, my fiance had just left me, so I invited every guy who had been trying to fuck me since high school to my cam room. They took care of me for the first couple of months. "I wear as little as possible at all times. I enjoy looking fashionable yet slutty. Lots of short dresses, mini-skirts, tube tops, tons of cleavage, Daisy Dukes and midriffs. I either wear heels or sandals." Heels? That must be a sight considering that Marvellee is 5'10" tall. She has been a graphic designer, a sales rep, a restaurant manager, a secretary, an art teacher and an exotic dancer. That's a lot of stuff. But we think she's found her calling.
We take this brief break from our usual presentation of mostly-amateur MILFs to bring you Syren De Mer, a 51-year-old wife and mom from Southern California. Syren is hardly an amateur. She's one of the most-prolific MILF porn stars in the world, and we thought you'd enjoy seeing her. Today, Syren fucks herself with a gigantic dildo. Thursday, Syren gets her ass fucked by a big-dicked stud. Syren is a beauty with her long hair, curvy body, beautiful tits and big, shapely, grabbable ass. Syren was born in Washington (the state), worked in retail management, got her degree and dove head-first into porn. Other than fucking, she enjoys cars and car clubs. She hopes to skydive one day. When this video opens, we get a great looking-up view as Syren grabs and shakes her ass on a spiral staircase. She bends over to make the view even more enticing then turns around so we can see her big tits with wide, dark areolae and hard nipples. But the best is yet to come as Syren spreads and three-fingers (or is it four?) her obviously very wet pussy. When she's ready, she takes out her dildo and fucks herself with it, her pussy lips stretching around the toy. It's not your average dildo that the average woman-next-door uses, but Syren is not the average woman-next-door.
Coco de Marq is a 52-year-old divorcee from Prague, Czech Republic who likes to wear short dresses that show off her nice legs. When this scene opens, she's lying on a couch and wearing a very short skirt and playing with her tits through her blouse. Then this blonde hottie slowly strips down to her leopard-print bra and panties and takes them off, silently teasing us, her breathing becoming heavier as she gets hornier. "I am not a nudist or a swinger, but I have a lot of sex. Sometimes every day," said Coco, who's a waitress. "Sometimes twice a day. I am divorced and I don't have any children, so I am free to do whatever I wish." We asked Coco to describe her perfect evening, and she said, "Dinner with a nice man, a glass of wine in the bath with him and then end up in bed." Fucking, of course. Most of Coco's days end with fucking, and a lot of them start with sex, too. "If I go to bed with a man, I will wake him up by sitting on his face and giving him a blow job," she said. "That way, I can get my pussy eaten, too, which is my favorite." Another favorite: anal sex. "Not always, but sometimes it can be very exciting and fulfilling." She's into doing things that are exciting. "I got licked under the table in quite a fancy restaurant. There were long tablecloths, so nobody knew. He went under the table, hiked up my dress and ate my pussy. I came in 20 seconds, I was so turned on. I wanted to return the favor and suck his cock, but our food came." And later, she made sure her date came. Coco doesn't leave anyone hanging.
So here we have Robbin Banx, a 46-year-old MILF with big tits, a little waist and a firm, shapely ass. And what do you do when you have a woman like this? Well, that's easy. You jack off to her. Here, Robbin strips out of her little bra and thong and fingers her pussy deep and hard. She cums. You'll cum, too. 40Something: Hi, Robbin. Where are you from? Robbin: I'm from England. I've been here in the United States for the last 20 years. 40Something: Married? Children? Robbin: I'm not married. I have one kid. And I like doughnuts. I eat so much cake and a lot of sugar so I have to work out or else I'll explode. 40Something: Well, you look great. How'd you end up at Robbin: I was shooting a lot of Playboy stuff and I had a lot of my fans ask me to take it to the next level. Everyone was spreading their legs, so I thought I might as well do it for legitimate companies and work with some great producers, and so far, it's been successful, and I love having sex on-camera 40Something: To our members, the older the better. Does that surprise you? Robbin: That's quite surprising, but I get it. It's just the pressure of society that makes you feel like you're too old when I am proof that I'm not. The older I get, the more you're gonna love me.